Welcome to the Bunbury Parish Council website.

Parish Councils sit at the most direct level of democracy in England and Wales, being the first tier of local government, and seek to improve community wellbeing and provide better services at a local level.

Activities fall into three main categories: representing the local community; delivering services to meet local needs; and striving to improve quality of life and community wellbeing.

The Council serves, and makes decisions on behalf of, the village and aims to keep everyone informed about important issues and on-going projects. There are ten councillor seats – Councillors are committed to the well being of Bunbury and give their time, effort and resources without financial reward.

Councillors are members of the community, elected by the community. Elections take place every four years and the last ones were in May 2023. In the event of casual vacancies the Council may co-opt members to serve until the next elections – there are vacancies at the moment, for more information click here

Notices from the Parish Council are posted on this website and many, including dates of meetings, agendas minutes, and election notices are also posted to the Council noticeboard in the village.

The Parish Council funds two websites – this is the site for Parish Council related matters. For more general information about village life, events and other village facilities, click here to go to the Village Life site.

If you need to book the Village Hall or Pavilion please contact them directly – you can use these links:

Email the Pavilion


Email the Village Hall.